October 2, 2015

Salma Hayek and Beyonce support Michelle Obama's initiative for the education of girls

The Global Citizen Festival has given much to talk about. In it, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, presented an initiative to promote the education of women in the world, an issue that was supported by a galaxy of stars like Salma Hayek and Beyonce.

Michelle Obama's idea is to offer an opportunity for education to 62 million children do not attend school, through the campaign: 62 Million Girls. This initiative has the support of Salma, Beyoncé, Frida Giannini and Gucci, who seek to make gender equity and empowerment of women: reality.

And, in an interview during the event, Salma shared that with Chime For Change also seek to support education, but also health and justice for every girl and woman in the world. So they made an alliance with Global Citizen to the vision of the First Lady of the United States is realized.

Michelle Obama said during his participation in the event that one of the things he learned thanks to the opportunity to study at a school was to review. Which it is certainly highly valued by the President of the United States and her husband, Barack Obama.

The passion that the First Lady, Salma and Beyoncé are showing to boost the education of girls around the world and to empower them to achieve true gender equality is a task that has become staff.

Even Michelle Obama mentions in the video that presented during the festival expresses: "In my travels around the world have met so many brilliant and determination to do something with their lives that this issue has become personal to me girls. Because I look at these girls, I see my daughters on them. These girls are ours and not just going to walk away from them. "

As a sign of this determination, it could not fail to make an appearance, Malala Yusafzai, who fought for their right to education and thus deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize was made.

Whether through the 62 Million Girls or Chime for Change initiative is important that people become aware of the importance of gender equality and the benefits it will bring to the world and then take action and show that really is a citizen of the world.