October 20, 2015

Rihanna and silent landing in Santiago this morning

The singer stepped on Chilean soil at about 7.00. This September 29 will be presented at the National Stadium.

Maybe it was not a big enough crowd to come closer Rihanna talking. Or maybe it was for the delay in his arrival in Chile. The so, after landing near 7am was seen at 8.10 am this morning, with a green jacket with gray fringed blouse, sunglasses and red lips. And he raised his hand to greet those who shouted his name in a mix of news, less than ten fans and people who crowded the airport over the fence at her.

The artist greeted the few present as he walked toward the three are in black Chevrolet Suburban expected that very early to take the hotel (located in the municipality of Las Condes) and moved from their respective parking lots at 8.02 pm opening alerts that Rihanna was displayed near Santiago.

A silent arrival was awaited by only four fans who came to 5.00am, three members of the press and police personnel.

Quiet, desert and a false alarm: four bodyguards and two cars were in the same place where the star would arrive at 6.30am. Do they come to look for Rihanna? They were asked. But they did not even know who he was. It was not the singer came by former President Ricardo Lagos.

Rihanna was slowing its reach ever since the artist presented tomorrow in Santiago after passing through Rio had scheduled his arrival in Chile on Sunday at 18.00. Then, it would be at 2.00am in the morning on Monday. At 5.00 am. A 7.00am. Until without showing he had stepped on national soil before 8am.

A change of official plans that had its counterpart in an informed group of fanatics. 60 fans are from Thursday at the National Stadium to fight for the best location in the privileged position that while it is the best, is not numbered; only four arrived at 5:00 am to the airport. Three women and one man: Francisco Bernal, president of the fan club Rihanna.

"I always knew that arrived at 4.30, then fell behind and was changed to 7.00. Since grabbed our stuff and came to us over here. I understand that is briefly here alike. The plane left Rio at 7, reached River at about 12:30. I do not know what happened in that time. I do not know if p is delayed beyond here, "he said while adding that comes with 23 others without revealing its sources.

What do you expect Francisco while others take their turn in the stadium? What is possible, even eye contact.