October 20, 2015

Louis Tomlinson already know the sex of your baby

One Direction singer and the mother of his unborn child, Briana Jungwirth, have received the medical confirmation

Unknown less about the future parenting of Louis Tolinson. One Direction singer finally know the sex of the baby she's carrying her friend, Briana Jungwirth: a girl. The artist will be father in a few months and nerves are increasingly close to the surface. Although Briana and he is not officially a couple, both have decided to go ahead with this unexpected pregnancy to everyone's surprise.

When fans of One Direction Louis Tomlinson knew that was going to be a father just weeks after breaking up with his girlfriend of the past few years, Eleanor Calder, the world stopped. No one knew the new friend of the singer and not even imagined that his love was so strong that in a few weeks decide to start a family. But it has been.

Once the artist himself confirmed the veracity of the rumors and the temporary break from the band, few other details are known about this pregnancy was announced. The news reaching us is that dads will in his arms a child, a story that has filled with joy to the families of both young as explained In Touch Weekly.

An insider of young people have expressed that they are very excited and Louis's family is haunted. "They would be happy anyway (being male or female), knowing it will be a great father because it has six sisters. Briana is delighted," the source said. Furthermore, it appears that both Briana households as Louis would already be preparing a baby shower pink.

Although prospective parents are not official partner but rather seem to maintain a good friendship, they are carrying the pregnancy together. Louis wants to be with her during delivery because you want things including work perfectly.