October 20, 2015

Jim Carrey loaded the coffin of his former girlfriend during funeral Cathriona White

Canadian actor Jim Carrey attended Saturday's funeral Cathriona White, his ex-girlfriend and who had committed suicide a few weeks ago in the city of Los Angeles.

The ceremony was held in the city of Cappawhite, Ireland White's place of origin and also attended by several relatives and friends of the deceased.

At the end of the funeral when Carrey could be seen for a few moments he loaded the casket containing the remains of his ex-girlfriend when they were driven out of the place where the ceremony was held.

White was reported dead on 28 September due to an overdose of pills, according to the forensic report by the County of Los Angeles.
The actor of films like "The Mask" and "Liar, Liar" and White had held a romance that after several interruptions would have definitely finished a few months ago.

This week was known of the content of the letter White wrote to Carrey before taking his own life, in which he apologized for what he would do.
"Jim, I love you. Please forgive me. I am not for this world," it read.
Later, the actor posted on his Twitter account a moving message with a photo of the couple when they were together: "Love can not be lost".

Jim Carrey was accompanied by his daughter during the ceremony.